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Youth Mentor Hunt - October 2021

Youth Mentor Hunt - October 2021

Welcome to the next generation in conservation and pheasant hunting enthusiasts. In efforts to help our younger generation play a larger role in our efforts to conserve and provide habitat for upland game, our chapter provides today's youth with opportunities to learn about what Pheasants Forever is truly about. The Black Hawk County Chapter provides conservation educational materials, safety of firearms and mentor youth hunts for those kids who may not have the same opportunities as most. Take a moment and read about our youth events or find out how you can become a key component of helping future Pheasants Forever Members.




Pheasants Forever mentored pheasant hunts are the ideal way to introduce kids and teens to hunting, as experienced volunteer hunters from Pheasants Forever coach youth on the importance of firearm safety, wildlife habitat and hunting technique.

Pheasants 101 This class explained the biology of the Ringneck pheasant, and taught the youth how to identify a rooster from a hen.It also explained about the habitat of a pheasant and what we can do to help them survive. There was 2 real pheasants brought in so that the kids could learn about the specifics of pheasants.

Landowner Relations This class taught the youth the proper way to ask for permission to hunt on landowners property, and build a lasting relationship with the landowner. Hunter ethics was also covered in this course.

Dog Handling This class dealt with the proper way to approach a pointing dog while on point. The students learned how to react as the bird is flush. This is done with a real life simulation as the birds will be planted in cover; the dog will approach and point. The students were asked to approach the dog with wooden guns and treat the situation as it would be in the field.

Shooting and Safety This class took place on the trap range as the kids were instructed on gun safety from a shooting instructor. The youth learned proper shooting form and techniques. They also got to shoot a round of trap before heading out to the field.

The Hunt To conclude the day, the youth and mentors were assigned to fields with birds, dogs and dog handlers to experience a real life Iowa pheasant hunt. Teams were challenged to see who returns with the biggest smile and pride about their day’s accomplishments.

Our Chapter's focus is three-fold: To teach these young men and women the safe way to hunt and to handle a gun; to have them learn about hunting and the great outdoors; and, most importantly, to have fun so that they grow up as hunters and conservationists.


Here is a letter received from someone who was able to attend the conservation camp. Let us know if you know someone who would like to attend one!

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